Hello everyone, How are you all doing? Summer is in and many of us are looking out for some funky and sexy haircut . I adored the long hair I have been maintaining all through the winter but now it’s time for a shorter hair cut to get relief from the scorching summer heat. Yes! I do this every year, grow hair in winter and  get some cool haircut in summer :). I have a round face and the big problem with round faces is that we need to get a hair cut that does not makes our face look broader. People with round faces should always go for hair cuts that tends to frame your face giving an illusion of a longer face instead of rounder one. Check out below few hairstyles to try this summer that will look stunning on people with round faces.

1. Side Swept Bangs for medium to long hair


Ask your hair dresser to get you side swept bangs and the length should not be less than your cheekbones, it means that tip of the bangs should touch your cheekbones. The advantage of side swept bangs is that you can completely control the length of your hair at the back as this cut is solely for your front hair part. To maintain them, simply comb your bangs with a round brush vertically and blow dry to set them. This hair cut looks great on those with wavy hair.

2. Pixie hair cut for short hair


Sexy and bold, these two words aptly defines this hair cut. Pixie hair cut will get you textured and asymmetrical short haircut. This is a perfect summer hair cut for those who love to sport short and funky hairstyle. Add it with a long layer on one side if you would love to experiment further. It do not requires too much maintenance too. The hairs textured around your face will actually make your face look longer than it actually is.

3.  Simple Straight long hair


If you are not much into experimenting your hair go for straight hair. If you are blessed with naturally straight hair then it is cool but if you don’t, you can straighten it in salon or at home according to your necessity and leave it sleek and straight. If you have asymmetric hair cut, get them trimmed into a straight cut and flaunt them the way you want to.

4. Graduating Layers for medium length hair


Get your hair cut into graduating layers starting 2 inches below your chin till the complete length of your hair. Part your hair midway and style them with a comb for a sexy look. You can also part your hair sideways but if your face has too much of volume , it is better to go for middle parting. It balances both the sides of your face.

5. Long Bob Haircut for short to medium length hair


The term long bob for short to medium length hair is very contradicting but let me tell you that this is a very wonderful haircut for round faced people with shorter hair. Long bob is similar to classic bob hair cut, the only difference is the hair in the front is given a bit length so that they reaches an inch or two below the chin so the face does not look rounder. In this hair cut too there is very little maintenance is required.

I hope this article was helpful. Try these hair cuts and let me know how did you like them


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