Hello all, it’s exactly 18 days from now when our (Bongs) biggest festival of the year will start with a bang! This is one time of the year, where we don’t leave any opportunity to look our best :). Usually while we take great care of our face, sometimes our hands too, we tend to ignore our foot. A tanned foot or untrimmed nails can ruin your entire look. foot care is as necessary as you take care of your face and follow a regular CTM routine. Rushing to the salon every time you need a pedicure is also not possible. In this post, I’ll share basic pedicure procedure you can foot at home to keep your feet healthy. Have a look!

Remove any nail polish you are wearing before starting pedicure at home

Step 1: Soaking


Soak your feet in tub filled with water for 15 minutes. You can add peppermint oil in water before soaking to refreshen your feet. Soaking will help to soften your cuticle and remove dirt from your nails and feet.

Step 2: Scrubbing


Prepare a scrub using oatmeal and warm milk. Apply this mixture to your feet and leg, massage for 10-15 minutes. wash of with warm water and repeat it if necessary.

Step 3: Pumice Stone


Use a pumice stone on pad of your feet and edges to remove any build up or existing dead skin. Do not rub vigorously. once done soak your feet in clean warm water for few minutes and pat dry.

Step 3: Trim nails and take care of cuticles


Trim your nails with a clipper and rub cuticle oil on your nails and cuticles. Avoid trimming your nails too short to avoid ingrown toenails or infections. If you do not have cuticle oil, you can apply olive oil too.

Step 4: Foot cream


Apply a moisturizing foot cream like Jovees foot cream and scrub reviewed here. Alternatively you can also apply petroleum jelly to moisturize your feet.

Step5: Nailpolish


Start with a base coat. You can try Rimmel London nail whitener for your nails reviewed here. Invest in a good base coat because it will protect your nails from yellowing. Then apply your favorite nail paint once the base coat dries. Finish it up applying a clear base coat and DONE!

Follow this 5 step pedicure process at home once in a week to get tan free, smooth feet. I hope you find this post helpful, do share your comments below :).

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