Hey girls, December is the perfect time for parties and when it comes to partying around, how can we ignore sexy cocktail dresses? For someone like me, who loves to be in a loose tee and pyjama all the time, this is the perfect time to dress up in some wonderful cocktail dresses. Since these dresses are mostly made up of light material and are tight fit, we need to wear the perfect shape-wear underneath that will take care of  our extra bulges and give us a smoother appearance.


Shapewears are mainly of three types:

1. Full Body Shaperwears


Full body shapewears are to smooth down the fullest parts of your body. They are designed as all in one shapewear that starts with or under your bra and goes till your thighs. They are great to smooth down bulges in your tummy, on your back and cover heavy buttocks and thighs. These shapewear support your lower back and will look great with short dresses.

2. Brief Shapewears


Brief shapewears start from your waist and goes down till your thighs. They are great to hide abdominal fats, heavy bottom and thighs and is the most popular category of shapewear. They are great to hide muffin tops and could be worn under jeans, jeggings or slacks.

3.Cami Shapewears


Cami shapewears are great if the upper part of your body is heavy as compared to your lower half. They can wonderfully hide your bulges around abdomen and back and could be worn with tight fitted tops. These shapewear also supports your lower back.

General Tips:

  • Before buying a shape wear, understand your body type and decide which shape wear will be perfect for your body.
  • Always buy shape wears from good brand.
  • Buy shape wear of the perfect size. Too tight shape wear can lead to health problems and a loose fit shape wear will not serve the purpose of shaping up  at all!
  • Keeping your shape-wear clean is as important is keeping your underwear clean
  • Look for materials like cotton-blend to keep you cool in summers.
  • Lightweight shape-wears serves the purpose of smoothing out target spots and heavyweight shape wears usually compress your body parts to tuck extra fats.

Since I was looking for a shapewear for myself, I browsed online to check them out and I came across this website called Trishlaemart. It is an affordable and fashionable apparel shopping destination offering a wide range of women shapewear, lingerie, nightwear, ethnic and fashion wear. They also ship internationally and have some good brand in store like Jockey, Hanes and Enamor.


Images: Google, Trishlaemart.com


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