I can’t explain how much I love shopping online, basically because I’m too lazy to get up and go to a shopping mall or visit different stores to shop. Among various online shopping sites, I blindly rely on quikr.com for buying essential stuffs at low price and selling them too without any hassle! The sign up process is easy, so is posting the ads with pictures. The only problem I faced was the absence of a “live chat” feature as it is a little awkward for women to share their phone numbers publicly on the website.  Whenever I posted an ad, a lot of people would call me up at unexpected times (I got a call around 1:45 a.m. once) and it was really impossible to answer each of them. Also, it was really hard to keep a track of all the previous conversation and negotiations I did with the interested buyer or seller so I messed up the conversation sometimes. Recently when I logged in to my account in quikr.com and went ahead to post an ad for a vacuum cleaner my mom wanted to sell off urgently, a new feature called ” Quikr NXT” on the site caught my immediate attention.


When I read more about it, I thanked quikr in my mind for introducing the feature I always wanted to see on their website all these years. I hopped on and posted the ad. Now I don’t have to worry about making an excuse and leave my class in between lectures or pause my favourite movie to take calls. With Quikr NXT you do not need to worry anymore about providing your phone number along with the ad and negotiate with buyers or sellers over phone calls because now you can do the whole thing over chat only. Here are three reasons why I am absolutely loving this new feature quikr called quikr NXT:

1. It is no more mandatory to share my number with buyers or sellers. I can chat using quikr NXT  and talk to my buyers or sellers. I can keep my number private and avoid all the overwhelming amount of phone calls at inconvenient time.

2. Sometimes a lot of buyers ask me to send pictures of the product from different angles and under different light settings. With quikr NXT I can share pictures with different buyers as per their need.  There are some buyers who ask me to demonstrate how to use a particular product, quikr NXT allows me to share videos with buyer or seller and make the process of buying or selling a lot more easier.

3. With quikr NXT’s chat history option, I do not have to fear to mess up the conversations anymore. I can browse through the whole chat history and recall my previous conversations. I can also see the best price offered by my seller or buyer and go ahead to shop accordingly.

So, these are my reasons for falling in love with the quikr NXT feature of the website. You can also download the app on your android or Iphone and enjoy buying ad selling on your phone with the new chat feature.

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This post is a part of Indi Happy Hour contest by Indiblogger in association with Quikr


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