Hello lovely people, today we have a special post contributed by Rima. She is a lifestyle blogger and a good friend of mine. Have a look at her blog and discover some wonderful posts here .

Winters? So what? You don’t need to forcibly wear only those lip balms and compromise on your lipsticks!
The dry season brings with itself terribly dry skin and chapped lips. As a lotion is inevitable for the skin, a lip balm is absolutely inevitable to treat chapped lips.
1. Keeping it moisturized does the magic –

photo 3 (2)

No matter what, moisturising your lips is the best way to prevent chapped lips, that’s a no brainer at all. But the point is to moisturize your lips all the time and NOT only when you see your lips chapped.

2. The other best alternative –

photo 2 (2)

You can keep your lips moisturised without compromising on colour! Lip glosses are another no brainer idea, but the trick is choosing it widely. Some glosses are too sticky without providing much healthy moisture.

3. The ultimate trick –

photo 4 (2)

I don’t know if its only my secret trick, but I certainly discovered it for myself. The trick is, apply a nude lip balm and then apply your lipstick. This way you’ll get the best matte effect whilst keeping your lips moisturized at the same time .

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