Hello girls, few days back I have introduced the L’Oreal Paris Skin Perfect range for women of all age. Today I’ll be reviewing the cream which belong to my age group, that is, 20+. I am using this cream regularly for more than a week now and here’s what I feel about it:

Price: INR 325 for 50g

About the range:The skin has different needs at every age. L’Oreal Paris has created Skin Perfect, a range specifically formulated to address these skin needs. From the age 20, stress, pollution and other daily aggressions may lead to imperfections on your skin like oiliness, pimples, m arks and skin becomes dull.

What the product claims: L’Oreal Research has selected powerful actives ans specially designed this cream to act on skin texture and tone of Indian women from 20years old.


Anti Imperfection action: Enriched with Purifyll, a powerful active, this formula help reduce imperfections such as spots, hides blemishes and marks and controls oil for a shine free look.


Advanced Whitening: Vitamin 3X complex combines 3 Vitamins: Vitamin B3 & C known to act on melanin responsible for dulness and dark spots and Vitamin E known for its antioxidant properties.


UV Filters: Known to protect skin from sun rays which causes darkening.

My take on the product: The product comes in glass jar with a matte golden cap. It has a protective inner lid to prevent spilling of the product. Since the cream has a thick texture, it tends to dry and settle on the rim of the jar.


The jar car be carried around and I don’t think there will be any issue with spilling, however, the jar is made up of glass and must be handled with care. Since the cream is thick, you have to dip your finger to take out the product which is very unhygienic, i really wish they made tube or pump-dispenser type packaging.


The cream is very light pink in color and has a thick texture. Blending the cream on skin takes some time, once it is blended properly, the cream settles into a matte finish. I have observed that it leaves slight whitish cast on my face. I never went out with this product on my face because the cream is very thick and might start to melt in the sun. I cannot say anything about the UV protection.


This cream has a mild fragrance. It made my complexion clearer and fades mild blemishes, I hope to see better result after using it more. I haven’t seen any whitening effect on my skin. Overall, this skin cream from L’Oreal Paris is good for oily skin and works on minor imperfections.

Pros: 1. Reduce skin oiliness

2. Works on minor imperfections

3. Good product for oily skin

4. Brightens skin

Cons: 1. Leaves a whitish cast on face

2. Unhygienic packaging

3. Do not blend on skin easily

Rating: 4/5

Recommendation: I will recommend this product to girls with oily skin and those who are looking to get rid of minor imperfections like blemishes and marks.

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