Hello all, this is my first attempt to do a restaurant review. I feel, reviewing a restaurant should be as enjoyable as eating good food, where you keep relishing the quality of the dishes without restricting the quantity. Recently, I came across this wonderful restaurant called Arsalan listed at askme.com as one of the best restaurants in Kolkata.

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People who live in Kolkata are well aware of this place and they serve one the best Biriyanis and other wonderful Mughlai dishes in town.The restaurant is located nearby the busy 7 point crossing of Park Circus so the ambiance is always noisy. There are also few more popular restaurants nearby.


The restaurant has two floors but the seating arrangement is very compact and there is hardly any space to move freely. Adding to that, the restaurant is always packed with people and despite of the ACs there, you will still sweat!


Now, coming to the good points, I ordered egg biryani, kadai murgh, tandoori roti and mixed vegetable for dinner, all the food items were served together within 15 minutes. Except the biryani, which was not very hot, all the other food items were piping hot. Food was tasty and fresh. The egg biryani had two eggs and a piece of well cooked potato, the rice was also well cooked but I personally found that the biryani was a bit more oily and lacked proper aroma, however it was not too bad either.


The mixed vegetable had carrots, beans, paneer all cooked in a rich aromatic gravy and had a distinct smell of “garam masala”. The kadai murgh came in a plate and not a kadai.The pieces of chicken were soft and the dish had capsicum and dry red chillies which gave it a distinct taste. The tandoori roti was soft and tasted great with the mixed vegetable.


By the time, I finished eating, I had no place to accommodate the “firni”, which is another specialty of the restaurant. I wish I can have it next time when I visit the place. Overall, I liked this restaurant, the prices are reasonable, it is situated at a prime location and if you love mughlai dishes like I do, you can always come up here and eat!

Decor: 3/5

Ambiance: 2/5

Food quality: 4/5

Food quantity: 4/5

Service: 4.5/5

Cost effective: 4/5

Have you ever been to Arsalan? Share your experiences below.


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