There is no alternative to safe sex. If you take precaution while making love, it can keep you safe from STD- Sexually Transmitted Diseases like HIV AIDS, Syphilis, Herpes, Gonorrhoea etc, some of which can be life threatening. They are caused by unprotected sex and transmitted from one partner to another during the intercourse. STDs may occur due to a number of viruses, bacteria and parasites. Symptoms of STD include discharge from penis or vagina and pelvic pain but in some cases the person may not see or experience any significant symptom until a long time.

During the 1980s widespread of AIDS epidemic led to promotion of safe sex and free distribution of condoms to different people especially to the illiterate and poor income group. Today, sex education has become a part of adolescence programs in different schools across towns and villages to burst different myths related to sex, to encourage youths to use condoms during sex, to expose them to the risk of STD caused due to unsafe sex or having sex with multiple partners.


Using condoms is safe and they are also easily available at medical shops and supermarkets. Although condoms are used mainly by men, women condoms are also s-available. Condoms are usually made up of latex or polyurethane and available in various texture, flavours and colors. To use a condom, tear the condom packet from the corner making sure the condom is intact. Place the condom in the tip of a hard penis and roll down the condom till the base of the penis. The semen gets collected at the reservoir present at the tip of the penis. If used properly, condom can prevent AIDS and ensure a healthy and safe sexual life of both the partners.

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