Blame it on our busy life or our negligence, most of us lead an unhealthy lifestyle today. As we can hardly find any  time for ourselves in our 9-5 routine, its negative effect shows up on our body either through frequent illness or by being obese. Obesity is a serious problems which can affect individuals of any age and can harm our kidneys and heart. To lead a healthy lifestyle, one must control weight, do a lot of exercise and eat healthy. Eating healthy all the time can be boring so is a monotonous gym routine. This is why it is recommended to go for cheat diet once in a while. You can never really change your gym routine without an expert advice but you can definitely try more enjoyable ways to lose weight without getting bored. One such way is to dance and when I say dance, it doesn’t means just swaying your body to the tune of a slow music but dancing your hearts out, well literally! dancing is a good cardio exercise, it is easy, fun and there is no special technique that you need to follow unlike gyming. You don’t need to go out, learn or buy equipments, dance gives you the freedom to do it anytime and anywhere, on the floor, on your bed or in your balcony, maybe?

Everyone is a born dancer by his/her own accord, some do it for fun while other do it for passion, it is something which everybody loves. when we dance, our heart beat gets faster, all the body parts move in a rhythm and we can loose upto 400 calories which is much more than a single session of swimming or cycling. It also helps to check the cholesterol level and blood pressure, reduce stress and keep you active. A 15 minutes dance session in the morning to the tune or beat of your favourite song is sure to keep to fit and active throughout the day.

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