When I first heard about Hotel Gian Residency in Karnal, Haryana, I never had the slightest idea of how grand it will be. But, I got to know that it is one of the best hotels in the district with spectacular interiors and exceptional services.

“What? A luxury hotel in Karnal? Impossible!” This is what I thought.

But then I had this conversation with the owner, Mr. Ashrey Dhawan, who invited me to have a chat with him over phone and asked me to come for a visit when I’ll be travelling North, I was intrigued. He sent pictures of his hotel and I was spellbound, “Such a grand luxury hotel in Karnal? Quite unexpected, I must say!


Since it was not possible for me to leave my work for a short and sudden holiday, I decided to research on their services and take a virtual tour to know about the popularity of the boutique hotel, Gian Residency.

First of all, let me sketch a few words in praise of the interiors. Hotel Gian’s interiors have been designed by none other than the owner’s mother, Anju Dhawan. She has done some magic on the walls of her son’s hotel. They have been designed in an exquisite manner, keeping in mind both aesthetics as well as health factors. The rooms are airy and are exposed to adequate sunlight. One more thing about the rooms is that they change their color with the sun. Each room has a different design than the other. Despite the hotel being situated in the middle of a marketplace, its creativity merges into the surroundings well enough to enliven the concrete structures around it.

The reception area is large, neat and spacious with a beautiful creative art of a peacock engraved on the wall. Tradition finds its way into the small Ganesh Idol placed on the reception desk. All the rooms are well furnished with beautiful wallpapers, cushioned chairs and some additional knick knacks. There is a banquet hall in the basement – the Signature Hall. And the common balcony which connected all the rooms is neat, shiny and beautifully bordered by various kinds of potted plants.


If you do not know already, then I wish to add that this hotel ranks 2nd in the list of all the 14 hotels in Karnal on Trip Advisor. It has an occupancy rate of about 80%, which is quite high for a hotel situated in the middle of a marketplace. Being a luxurious boutique hotel, Gian residency ticks all the boxes for beauty, marvel and excellent services. So, whether you are visiting for business purposes or holidaying, Hotel Gian Residency should be on your list of preferred places to stay.

When you get out from your car and look up at the signboard, it says “Gian Residency Hotel” with the tagline being “Affordable luxury”. And indeed it is! I never thought that Karnal could be the place for such affordable yet luxurious stay but this hotel has changed my views completely. Its exceptional services, spacious and beautiful rooms and good reviews have left me thinking whether I did the right thing turning down their offer. Wish to visit you guys sometime in the future though!



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