Hi all, this is Kasturika. First of all let me wish all the women readers here a very happy International Women’s Day from me and Shreoshe. For me, this is not just a day to celebrate womanhood because that we can  always do. After all being a woman is a gift. Nature chose us to create life in its varied manifestations. It is a day to remind ourselves what we are meant to be, what we are destinied to be. We are meant to be women- the graceful, the beautiful women. We are destined to create a beautiful world for others to live in and be proud of. And most of all, we are born to bring forth light out of darkness, to create an impact to the world around us and we can do it together. So let us take this pledge that from now on, we will embrace humanity and try to make difference to the society with our grace and charm like these women did……..

About the author-


Prachi Garg, an author and entrepreneur herself, is the co-founder of Ghoomophiro.com and Anmoluphar.com. She loves to writer as well to travel. Being a management student, she understands business and is thus able to portray the entrepreneurial skills of the 20 women in her book quite efficiently. Maybe somewhere she can connect herself with the spirits of the 20 superwomen she has written about. Prachi has dedicated this book to her parents who, according to her, are totally responsible for her success. It is nice to see a woman entrepreneur in this age with impressive family values embedded deep inside her heart and mind. This is one of the main reasons for which I decided to pick up this book to review.

Short summary of the book-

This book is no fairy tale, no love story and does not preach impractical wisdom. It is just what it should be- reality packaged beautifully against a purple and cream background with the image of a woman handling all her day-to-day chores single handedly. The picture itself speaks of what the book is about. It is about those women who have managed to exceed the conventions of the society and make their own identity in a male-dominated world. No, they have proved actually that it is no more a male dominated society as most people think. They have shown that you can have something if you want it desperately enough, no excuses and no exceptions. Everyone can reach their destinations irrespective of their gender.


Medhavi Gandhi, Ria Sharma, Richa Singh, Masoom Minawala, Rachana Nagranee, Richa Kar, Sneha Raisoni, Swati Maheshwari and Sunita Jaju, Alicia Souza, Anisha Singh, Charnita Arora, Falak Randerian, Geetika Chadha, Pankhuri Srivastava, Rashi Narang, Saumya Vardhan, Sneh Sharma, Surbhi Mahajan, Tina Garg and Vidual Kanitkar Kothare- These superwomen have proved time and again that India is not a country where the women could not achieve anything. They have made their nation proud by working hard and dealing with enormous obstacles to fulfill their heart’s desires. They have inspired many in the process and are still doing that in the process of carrying forward their endeavors.

While some of their aims in life have been to provide support and help to the acid attack survivors, some wishes to restore the lost charm of Indian handicraft. Some aspires to take her ecommerce store to an all new level connecting fashionistas from all over the world, some wishes to stand by the depressed people and provide much needed enthusiasm that they are lacking with the help of online counseling. While some are authors, some of them are bloggers and shop owners, with different aims but the same ambition-to reach the top and inspire others, these superwomen are no less than celebrities. Prachi emphasized on this fact more than anything else. She wrote about these women to inspire the thousands of girls who dream big but lack the push to chase their dreams. This book will help many to kick start their careers and achieve everything that their heart desires.

My comments – 155 pages in a go! It was a great experience to read something so unique in its own way. Entrepreneurial posts and blogs have always been my favorite and this book is just something I always adore- women empowerment. I just loved it. I love everything about being a woman, be it the charm, the beauty, the creativity or the expertise to become a genius in every field of success. This book is something that reflects women empowerment, speaks of inspiration and success and smells of ambition. No doubt, it has already occupied a place in my heart. I am eagerly waiting for the author’s next release about the couples who contribute towards business, build start ups and function together to build their dreams.



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