It is rightly said “If you don’t take care of your body, your body won’t take care of you”. A healthy lifestyle is the key to a fit and healthy body. No matter how much busy we get with our daily chores and commitments, taking some time out to keep our body fit and abstaining from unhealthy habits is very necessary. The fast paced lifestyle has led people to face big health problems and that too in their thirties only. More than thousand people die every year due to heart attack even before they reach their thirties. If we want to stay away from the risks of heart problems, blood pressure and diabetes, it is time, we start early. Regular exercises and proper diet ensures that our body get balanced nutrition and our organs work properly. Regular exercises and cardio activities like brisk walking, cycling or indulging in outdoor sports can help to keep body weight under control and reduce the risk of obesity which is a major cause of heart attacks.



Youths nowadays are also picking up unhealthy lifestyle influenced by the media. Though the legal age to smoke and consume liquor have been strictly mentioned in the law, yet there are so many young children who are getting addicted to consuming liquor, taking drugs or smoking. Peer pressure is another reason why more and more youths are getting addicted to these items. Despite of regular campaigns, warnings on the liquor bottles and packets of cigarettes, most of them seem to stay unaltered. As we all know that the in the long-run smoking can cause cancer and alcohol damages the liver. Drug addiction is very harmful and it not only affects the person who is affected but also his family and friends. If we ever come across such a person, should be our duty to help them get rid of the addiction and take them to a good hospital for  health checkup, counseling and rehabilitation.


Manipal Hospitals, which is a part of the Manipal Education and Medical Group (MEMG) offers world class health care services in India. With their multiple branches spread across the country and also abroad, they offer latest facilities and world class treatment through experienced doctors and medical professionals to help people lead a happy life. They offer multiple services like joint replacement surgery, LASIK surgery, cardiac surgery etc. If you know any one who is struggling with any serious ailment or need proper medical guidance, refer them to trusted and reputed hospital only.


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