The wedding season has begun and many of us are eagerly waiting for our friends to get married in few days. Indian weddings are the perfect occasion to meet people and have lots of fun, not to forget the lip-smacking food and the chance to rock the dance floor! For me, the best thing about a wedding invitation is dressing up. Don’t you love when you get compliments from people at the wedding? I’m sure we all do!

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When it comes to a friend’s wedding, we cannot help but get overexcited about it. We start planning and discussing way in advance about how we’ll dress up for each function. Then comes the execution part, on  one hand we want to buy everything that we find good while on the other hand we’ve got our monthly bills to pay. Most of the time this leaves us with a little to splurge on ourselves.But do you really need to compromise with your look for the wedding day if you’re on a limited budge? Obviously not!

For those girls who are on a tight budget yet want to look fabulous on their friend’s wedding, this post will tell you how to do so without burning a hole in your pocket.

  1. Don’t Shop, Borrow or Rent

rent or borrow dresses

You really don’t need to spend thousands on buying a designer ‘lehenga’ or ‘anarkali’ for your friend’s wedding. Rather borrow a gorgeous ‘saree’ from your mom or wear something that you already have. If you still run out of options, there are various dress rental websites like ‘Flyrobe’  where you can rent all types of ethnic and western wear dresses for a period of 4/6/8 days. They also rent out dresses designed by designers like Ritu Kumar.

2. Don’t go overboard with accessories

minimum accessories

You don’t need to look all flashy by going overboard with jewelry. Try using cheaper alternatives that will not only make you look good but will also save a lot of money. For Indian weddings, one of the best accessory is fresh flowers. Tie up your hair in a bun or braid if you have long hair and style it with fresh flowers like rose and jasmine. Even if you have short hair, you can style it with fresh flowers with the help few hair-clips.

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3. Make Use of the Sale

shop during sale

When our friends plan to get married, most of us get to know about their wedding date well in advance,. Make use of the time and watch out for sales. Compare and purchase dresses, accessories and shoes at the lowest possible price.

4. Go for Group Makeovers

group makeovers

Planning to visit salon before your friend’s big day? Visit in a group, it will double the fun. Look for salons that offer deals on group booking and make plans with your friends. The more people you can manage to include, the more discount you’ll be eligible for.

5. Swap Items with Friends

What are friends for, if they can’t help you when you’re on a tight budget? Don’t buy anything extra unless there is an absolute need. Swap items with friends. You might not have a good collection of accessories but you may have a wardrobe full of dresses, swap a few to get matching jewelry, bags and other accessories to go with your look for the wedding.

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Finally, what will matter most to your friend is your presence on her/his wedding. So even if you feel you’re missing out on something or your look is incomplete, don’t bother about it much and enjoy your friend’s wedding because it’s gonna happen only once in a lifetime!

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