What will you do if you’re given a chance to play your favourite character from your favourite book? If I was given a chance like this, I’d have happily accepted the offer…Well, this is exactly what I did when I went to the Mystery Rooms in Koregaon Park, Pune.

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Mystery Rooms offer a mind-boggling experience of 60 minutes where you, along with your team, need to put in the best of your team-effort to get yourself out of a theme based room. You and team of friends are given a chance to become detectives for an hour and by using your sharp brains you’ll need to solve riddles, puzzles and find out clues to escape the locked room before the clock ticks 60 minutes.

Mystery Rooms Pune Missions

It’s a unique, one-of-a-kind experience for people of all age group and is a wonderful team building activity to carry out with family, friends, partners and colleagues. Mystery Rooms are currently present in Delhi, Ludhiana, Kolkata, Chandigarh, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Surat, Jalandhar, Chennai, Gurgaon, Goa and Pune.

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I booked a slot for me and my friend on Sunday, 17 December, 4 PM. You can book the slot and the game on their website. You can find the complete details about the missions, game pricing and booking details here. The Mystery Room is located in one of the most popular areas in Pune and is not very hard to spot/reach.

Mystery Rooms Pune Interiors

Upon reaching, we were asked to wait for some time at the reception while they set up the game room. There were cosy sofas where you can sit with your group and wait for your turn. After a couple of minutes, a guy returned with a form where team members of a particular team need to fill in their details and choose the theme/mission of the game. In this particular branch in Koregaon Park, they have the option to choose any one of the 4 available missions.

Mystery rooms Pune themes Part 2

We decided to go for “The Hurt Locker”, as the name suggests, in this particular game, you need to play the role of IB officers and dispose a time bomb within 60 minutes!

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Before you enter the game room, you need to leave your belongings like mobile phones, keys and other valuable items inside a locker. They have a separate space for lockers, here you can keep in your bags and other necessary items before you go for the game. You can, of course, take the key of the locker with you. Once we kept our bags in the locker, a guy took us to the game room and explained the rules of the game.

Guide to the game

There will be a game master sitting somewhere who will monitor every move of yours in the room, you are not allowed to damage anything during the course of the game and you can take help thrice by pressing a buzzer inside the room. Each time help will be offered in the form of a clue. Apart from this, you’ll be given a number of clues throughout the 60 minutes mission in order to reach your mission.

props at mystery rooms pune

The sound, ambience and lighting of the game room is very realistic and can surely give you chills down the spine. Although we couldn’t complete the mission, the overall experience was very nice. The game was tough and you need to put your brains to good use, from solving puzzles to doing maths and playing quizzes, we did it all! I absolutely loved how the game was designed. Of course, no prizes for losers but winners do get medals. There is also a photo booth with quirky props to click pictures with your gang. I tried clicking pictures with few of them.

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Apparently, there are few other themes where you need to escape from terrorists or solve a murder mystery. A team of 4-8 people is ideal to play these missions. It was an evening well spent and after experiencing this unique and almost real-life game, I’m determined to come back again to this place but with more people this time and try out a different challenge.

If you love solving mysteries or have the qualities of a good detective, this could be your chance to put your knowledge to practical use and try out this amazing gaming experience.  You can also stay updated with their latest offers and updates on their FB page.

Here’s presenting you the Mystery Rooms, Pune, at a glance:

Mystery Rooms Pune

 * I was invited to experience and review the Mystery Rooms, Pune. My views are honest and unbiased*


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