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Just like every year, 2017  also opened its door and welcomed new beauty trends that took the social media by storm.From ombre lips to charcoal masks, we’ve seen all and to be honest, we’ve tried quite a few trends ourselves. I must say, 2017 gave us some best beauty trends and as we’re gearing up to bid adieu to 2017 to welcome a fresh new year, let’s not forget the top beauty trends of 2017 that kept us hooked through the year. Here’s a throwback to the best and rest-

  1. Glitter Lips

glitter lips trend 2017

Glitter lips were all over the internet and Instagram since the beginning of the year. This trend was introduced by Pat McGrath and we are pretty much sure that it will be in the trend for the upcoming years as well. To get glitter lips, all you need to do is to apply a liquid lipstick or gloss and pat some loose glitter (very carefully) over it and you’re good to go!

  1. Belted Ponytails

belted ponyails- top beauty trends 2017

Because hair ties were so old school, we’ve got ‘Belted Ponytails’ in 2017. This trend is ditching hair ties and replacing them with belts. To sport a belted pony, first, you need to tie a low sleek ponytail and then wrap a belt around it. Put your belts to good use and mix and match them with your favourite outfits to quirk up your hair game!

  1. Nude Ombre Lips

vombre lips-top beauty trends 2017

This is yet another lip trend which has made a comeback and secured a place among the top beauty trends of 2017. Anything ombre looks amazing and when lipsticks are applied in an ombre gradient they look way better. This season, ombre lips were sported by using mainly nude shades that gave an almost no-makeup natural look. To create ombre lips, apply a darker shade on the outer side of the lips, getting lighter towards the centre or vice-versa.

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  1. Egg as a Beauty Blender

egg as beauty blender

Let me ask you first, have you ever thought that a hard-boiled egg can be used as a beauty blender? Well, I didn’t. In 2017, you must have seen various top Youtubers replacing their beauty blender with eggs, tampons, socks, condoms and what not! Though both an egg and the beauty blender looks similar, I am quite sure that end result will be different. The idea of using an egg as a beauty blender seems to be pretty gross for me and I don’t think I will ever try this one.

  1. Wavey Eyebrows


A lot of eyebrow trends came up this year. From braided eyebrow look to ponytail eyebrows, the beauty gurus gave us all. One such trend is the wavey eyebrows trend which was all over Instagram. You may have surely noticed several beauty Instagram accounts with tutorials and pictures of the same. This trend emerged in August this year and still many people are giving it a shot. To get wavey eyebrows you need to draw a waving tail using your brow pencil and then fill it up. With such eyebrows, I can only imagine myself looking like Ursula from “The Little Mermaid.”

  1. Natural Makeup

natural makeup trend

One of the biggest beauty trends this year was to opt for natural makeup. Women were seen ditching the contour-highlight equation and going for natural looking, youthful skin. A natural, no-makeup look can be created by applying the right tone of concealer and foundation and topping it with a nude or pink coloured blush and lipstick/lipgloss. For eyes, just go for a coat of mascara.

  1. Glitter Highlights

glitter highlights

By now we can clearly say that 2017 has been a year for glitters and people were spotted using highlights mixed with glitter. Highlight mixed with glitters applied to the cheekbones gives a mix of boho and gipsy look. According to your liking, you can use either chunky or small glitter.

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  1. Unicorn Eyeshadows

unicorn eyeshadows

No doubt that unicorns are pretty but have you ever thought of unicorn eyeshadow before 2017? No, I guess. Unicorn eye makeup is one amongst the top beauty trends 2017 and is rocked by many people. You really need to play with the whole blending them to get an even and pretty look.

  1. Holographic Nails

holographic nails

With the popularity of the fidget spinner, the holographic pattern was all over the internet. Starting from holographic wrapping papers to holographic nail paint, the internet world is going all crazy about it.

  1. Charcoal Facemasks


The charcoal face mask is yet another popular skincare and beauty trend which many people tried this year. The charcoal face mask is primarily a face mask used for cleaning your face. The mask pulls out all the white and blackheads from your face. I am quite sure that you have watched many small videos showing enormous amounts of whiteheads being pulled out with a peel-off mask. Well, its nothing but the charcoal mask doing its job.

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So these are some of the most popular beauty trends 0f 2017 followed by people all around of the globe. They are more trends that can be added to this list because every day you get to see new beauty trends going viral on social media. What do you think? Which of these trends do you think are wearable? Let us know in the comments below.

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