There are 3 types of women in this world, the first type are those who do not wear makeup at all, then comes the second type, who loves to wear makeup and will find out time to doll up, no matter how much busy they are, and then comes the third type, people like me who are too lazy to do a full face makeup but can’t think of going to work without a kohl or a lip balm. For people like me, who loves to wear minimal makeup, we love using makeup products that serve multiple purposes like the Lakme Complexion Care (CC) Cream. Lakme, as we all know is one of the well-known brands in skincare and makeup and has some of the most amazing makeup products that people love.

Lakme CC Cream review

A CC cream or BB cream is a wonderful alternative to a foundation as it provides a flawless base, hides imperfections on the skin and adds an extra glow to the face. I am not someone who love wearing foundation daily, so, after hearing and reading a lot of positive reviews about the product, I thought of giving it a try and after using it for a while now, I am going to share my honest opinion about the Lakme CC cream.

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Product description: This instant skin stylist brings together all the goodness of your daily skin cream with just the right touch of makeup to give you skin that looks styled by an expert, every day.

Price: Rs 299 for 30 ml

How to apply?

For best result, dab a generous amount of the product on the well-cleansed face. Blend out with a beauty blender or a makeup brush and if you don’t have either of them use your fingers. Blend until the product gets absorbed and you notice a perfect finish. You can use this cream every day. 

Ingredients: As mentioned in the back of the tube

Lakme CC Cream review 1

Texture and Color: The product is available in 4 different shades. I am in the shade Almond, which is perfect for girls with medium skin tone. The cream has a thick consistency but blends really well without leaving any lines.

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My experience: When I picked up the Lakme Complexion Care Cream, I had no idea about the shades available and I took the one which the lady at the counter suggested. As mentioned previously, I am having the shade “Almond”. The product comes in four different shades – almond, beige, bronze, and honey. The bronze shade is perfect for dusky skin tone whereas the shade beige is perfect for lighter skin tone. It also had an added benefit of SPF 30!

Lakme CC Cream review 2

 The product comes in a no-fuss tube packaging which is easy to carry around. I usually use my fingers for blending the product, you can also use a makeup sponge for this purpose. If you are someone who has been using BB creams for quite some time now, you may feel that you need a little more amount of this product as compared to typical BB creams. However, after application, you will not notice anything patchy or cakey which is a plus point.The Lakme CC Cream cream gives a dewy finish and brightens up my face and the best part is that it also hides minor discolorations on the skin. Lakme claims that the product works as a makeup along with providing nourishment to the skin for a naturally radiant glow.

Lakme CC Cream review 3

I use this cream when I step out from home during the day and I must say that my face looks fresh even 4-5 hours of application (you can always make the product stay more on your face by dabbing some compact powder over it). I have combination skin and my T-zone is very oily. With this product on my face, my T-zone stays oil free for 3 hours after application during winter, although I am worried about the oiliness during summer.

Lakme CC Cream review 4

I will say that this is a budget product and does its job pretty well and is perfect for all the college or office going girls who don’t like wearing heavy makeup. This product is also very readily available at almost every makeup counters as well as online stores. As the product comes in 4 different shades, there has to be one perfect shade for every skin tone. I’m also in love with the fact that the product does not dry out my skin or leave a whitish cast on my face. I think the Lakme CC Cream is one of the most affordable CC creams available in the Indian market currently and is a must-try for people who wear less makeup.

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  • Easily available
  • Affordable
  • Keeps skin looking fresh for at least 4 hours.
  • Dewy finish
  •  No caking
  •  Blends well
  •  Choice of shades


Requires more than a pea size amount for every application.

Rating: 4.5/5

Do you love to use Lakme CC Cream? Do you think it is a good alternative for foundation? Share your thoughts about the product below.



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