This year’s spring/summer fashion trend is everything bright and bold. Staring from pastels to summer prints, the latest trend has everything that could make one look beautiful.

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With a mix of contemporary as well as classic styles. see what’s trending on the runway this season.

Bring Back the 1980s Style

shoulder pads 1980's style

Designers all over the world have eschewed all modern styles and focused on the trend of the 1980s. With every silhouette in place and detailed work, the 1980s trend is making a huge comeback this year. Fashion trends like shoulder pads were very common during the ’80s and celebrities today are spotted rocking the look all over again. Also, not to forget the big sunglasses which people used to wear during the ’80s to look fashionable and trendy are back in style as well. The big round mirror sunglasses are all over the internet this season.

Chunky Denim Jackets

Chunky Denim Jackets

Denim is here to stay forever and when it comes to denim, we can never get over denim jackets. Previously, denim jackets were very basic, however, today people are spending money to get their denim jackets customized. Miley Cyrus was spotted wearing a stone-washed denim jacket with customized patches on the shoulder.

The Sequins


Sequins, yes you read it right. Sequins are very in this season and every major fashion house seems to be including the style in their latest collections. The shine and shimmer of a sequin dress is a sure eye-catcher.



With the presence of pastel in the fashion industry for more than a year now we cannot deny the fact that they are being loved by all. Our favorite pastel shades are not going out of fashion, at least not anytime soon and they are very much trending this spring as well. Wheather your dress is of lemon green, pink or ducks egg blue you can wear pastel color dresses wherever you like.



It looks like heritage checks are going nowhere this season. Victoria Beckham wore a beautiful checked dress with a traditional appeal and she looked stunning wearing it. For someone who is looking for feminine style should turn to the Sonia Rykiel spring/summer fashion collections, as they were spotted wearing a bright and summer ready outfit – all in checks.

White Heels

white heels

This is yet another fashion trend which is making a huge comeback this year. White heels were very popular during the 1980s among the celebs. Though from last few seasons we are seeing a come back of these heels, labels like Isabel Marant and Celine are customizing them, giving these heels their own touch. However, not only white heels but white pumps too, are becoming very popular as well.

So these are some of the fashion trends which are very popular this spring season and are catching the attention of many. Most of these styles are very comfortable and can be carried very easily by everyone. Let us know in the comment section below which one is your favourite?

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